Family of Donors

Our family of sponsors

We would like to thank the following individuals for making a contribution to TCT and being part of our family of donors. To learn the benefits of making a contribution, please visit our Benefits of Donating page.

This list reflects all donations made on or before April 1, 2015.  We apologize for any errors or omissions. To make any corrections to this list, please email Mary Wright or call 513.569.8080 x14.

Giants ($10,000 and above)

Dean Brown

Chemed Foundation

Mrs. Julie K. Gentile and Mr. Thomas C. Gentile III

Vicki Herche Foundation

Carol and Elliott Hilsinger

Edyth B. Lindner

The Sutphin Family Foundation

TAS Foundation and Meg and Andy Nelson

Emily and Scott Stubbins

Genies ($5,000-$9,999)

Anonymous Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Sara Procter Carruthers

Karen and David Hoguet

M.A. and Jim Rogers

Christine and Charles Schiff

Robin and Matt Sheakley

Kings and Queens ($2,500-$4,999)

Anonymous Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

EE Connelly Family Foundation

Mary and Peter Horton

Jackie and Craig Hurwitz

Moe and Jack Rouse

Anne and Len Texter

Jan and Owen Wrassman

Princes and Princesses ($1,000-$2,499)

Phyllis and Gregory L. Adams


Joan and Kenneth Campbell

Kimberly and Bryan Carlisle

Elizabeth and Rogue Carruthers

Dorothy and Evan Corbett

Tom Cox

Emilie W. and David W. Dressler Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Margaret and Tripp Eldredge

Madeleine H. Gordon

Nancy and Thomas Grote

Tricia Castellini Headley

Bebe, Jake and Hunter Heekin

Allison and Scott Holzapfel

Christine and Kenneth Jones

Paula and Mark Joppru

Arleene Keller

Kimberly Ann Lauch

Susie and Jack Louiso

Lisa and Thad Reinhard

Kathryn and Vishnoo Shahani Charitable Trust

Gayle Stegmaier

Christine and Paul Stubbins

Maureen and Greg Sweeney

Diana C. and Tim Toman

Jerry Wahl

Felicia Williams

Knights ($500-$999)

Kristina Webb Allan


Rocky Carroll

The Cincinnati Cycle Club, Inc.

Jessica and Christopher Cicchinelli

James. E. Evans Fund at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Barbara Thornell Ginn

Courtney and Dan Hass

The Joffe Foundation

Becky and Dan Keating in honor of Susie and Jack Louiso

Valerie and Scott Krueckeberg

Mandare Foundation

Skip Merten

Dr. David and Mary Morales

Dallet Norris

The Pepper Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Shannon and Matthew Q. Stautberg

Jennifer Suttles

Angela and Robert Walker

Irene and Anthony Zalants

Elves ($250-$499)

John and Laurie Acklen

Kadi and J.R. Anderson

Anonymous Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Caroline and Bill Cox

Dana and Spencer Cropper

Amy and Andrew DeWitt

Kari and David Ellis Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Beth and Daniel M. Driehaus

Lauren Hannan Hudson

Richard Haverland

Dr. Stephen and Sandra Joffe

Mrs. Susan Kahn

Laura and Peter Klekamp

Margaret B. and Christopher Kohnen

Faye and Bunny Meisel

Lee and Frank Miranda

Marjorie Motch

Mary Anne and Doug Newman

Lisa Popyk

Sophie and Joe Ragland

Heather Recker

Jenny Seta

Melanie and Daniel Vollmer

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zimmerman

Gnomes ($100-$249)

Fleming Ackermann

Anonymous (3)

Dulany and Robert Anning

Patty Beggs

Elizabeth Beiter

Beringer and Kutcher Families

Courtney Berling

Shirley and Mike Biere

Jack Binkley

Jane and Gary Booth

Mary Louise Boylan

Debbie and Jody Brant

Rhoda and John Brooks

Daniel Brown

George and Mary Jo Budig Family Foundation

Mary and Rob Cassidy

Marianne and Matthew Castrucci

Amanda and Ralph Centers

Cincinnati Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 864

Nina and Charlie Croog

Barbara and Anthony Culwick

Suzanne Davidoski

Paige de Buys

Mr. and Mrs. William O. DeWitt, Jr.

Dustin DiChiara

Mindy and Jim Ellis

Melanie L. Ferguson

Sherry Fields, Mason County High School

Jill and Alex Fischer

Suzette and Michael Fisher

Susan and John Frank

Sherri and Scott Friedman

Marcia Fisher Goldsmith

Charlotte Goodlett

Diane and Stanley Goodman

Lynne Meyers Gordon in honor of Susie and Jack Louiso

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grote, honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grote, Jr.

Mike Gutbier

Mymy and Carlos Ha

Richard D. Hannan Family Foundation

Colleen J. Hauser

Rob Heimann

Scott M. Henderson

Kimberly Howland

Karen and David Huelsman

Karolon A. and C. Scott Johnson

Susan and Alfred Kahn

Mary Jo Katona

Arlene and Bill Katz

Ashley Kohnen

Todd Kramer

Anne Ingalls Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence

Bradley M. Lemberg, MD

Paula Lindner

George S. Lyon

Donna J. McKenna

Harold A. Merten III

Kerry Grote Mock

Krista Monin

The Muench Family

Mary Lee Olinger and Donald in honor of Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman

Santa Ono and Gwendolyn Yip

Dain Paige

Jeanne and Graham Parlin

Linda and David Parlin

Kay Pettengill

Cary and Brent Powell

Alex and Andrew Quinn

Michaela S. Rawsthorn

Ann and Gordy Rich

Melody Sawyer Richardson

Karen and Robert Ripp

Mario San Marco

Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Mrs.Trudie Seybold

Tiffany and Hampton Shirer

Elizabeth and Paul Sittenfeld

Marjorie V and Ryan Smyth

Kathleen M. Stautberg in memory of Kathy Hays Herschede

Robin and Tom Stewart

Diana C. and Tim Toman

Maria and Chris Uhlenbrock

Mary and Stephen Vollmer

Britty and Brian Wiles

Tara Wittrock

Gordon W. Wright Family

The following list reflects donors who made gifts of $100 or more.  We extend our sincere thanks to all who made a gift to support The Children's Theatre of Cincinnati.