Frequently Asked Questions

Learning the Craft Class Procedures

  • Students will be required to enter through the front entrance of the 5020 Oaklawn building (the entrance facing the street).
  • Students are to only be in the waiting area (the room directly to your left when entering the building), the studio (adjacent to the waiting room) and the restrooms on the first floor.
  • Dance Bags, Coats and other articles brought by the students may only be placed in the waiting room or in the studio.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the studio except for water in a secure container.
  • Students are to “check in” with their teachers before class and wait in the waiting area until their class takes place.
  • Students are required to “check out” with their teachers before leaving through the front entrance of the building.
  • Please note, classes may be canceled and tuition refunded if there aren’t enough students enrolled in a specific class before a session begins.

How do I register my child for Learning the Craft Classes?

Registration can be done online through TCTC’s website.  Online registration can be located here during registration times only.  If you are not registering online, you must contact Jay Goodlett for further instructions.

How do I register my child for the STAR or stARTs Program?

Both STAR and stARTs are audition-based programs. Auditions are typically held in January. If you're interested in receiving information regarding next year's program, please join our mailing list.

Does my child need to have prior experience?

Certain classes have prerequisites, but there is an entry point for all ages. The STAR and stARTs Programs are audition-based programs.

How do I cancel my child’s registration?

Contact Jay Goodlett at 513.569.8080 x25 for cancellations. TCTC will issue a refund for cancellations made at least two weeks before the first day of class less a $50 fee.

How big are the classes?

Class sizes range for our Learning the Craft Classes.
Each class must have a minimum of 5 students (maximum class size is 15 students). The class may be canceled if it does not reach the minimum requirement. Mr. Jay Goodlett will decide if that class will be held or not. If class is canceled, you will be notifed by phone about other options (switching to a different day, different class etc.) If tuition was paid online you will be refunded; however, most students pay (by check or cash) at the first scheduled class.
For the STAR Program, our classes range in size. A small class has approximately 18 students, while a large class has approximately 28 students.
For stARTs, classes range from 16-22 students.

Are there payment plans available or scholarship opportunities?

At this time there are no alternative payment plans offered nor scholarship program options for Learning the Craft classes.
For the STAR Program, a payment in full date will be specified upon acceptance into the program. If a student has a financial issue regarding payment in full and would like to request a payment plan, they should contact Pam Young at least 60 days prior to the first day of the STAR Program. Our four STAR scholarships are awarded based on financial need. For more information on scholarships, contact Roderick Justice. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot in the STAR Program.
There are currently no scholarship opportunities available for stARTs. The due date for classes is specified upon acceptance into the program, and a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot in stARTs.

Are there performances at the end of STAR, stARTs and/or other Learning the Craft class sessions?

At the conclusion of each Learning the Craft class session, there will be a performance to showcase the talents of the students.
The STAR Program has a culminating performance at the end which will take place on the campus of Northern Kentucky University in The Corbett Theatre.
stARTs has a "showcase" on the last day of classes for immediate family members and/or guardians in our Rehearsal Hall, located at The Children's Theatre of Cincinnati's Main Office Building at 5020 Oaklawn Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

Who do I call if I have other Classes/STAR/stARTS questions?

For more information about Learning the Craft call Jay Goodlett at 513.569.8080 x25 or email Jay Goodlett.
For STAR or stARTS questions call Roderick Justice at 513.569.8080 x26 or email Roderick Justice.