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Imagination in Action

Registration is now closed for our next session June 14 - August 8, 2015

Come learn the techniques and principles behind the art of musical theatre (drama, vocal music and dance) from the faculty at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Our classes are for ages 3 to 15 and are held at our facility in Madisonville, 5020 Oaklawn Drive, Cincinnati, OH  45227.

Session #4 runs June 14 - August 8, 2015

You may email Jay Goodlett for additional enrollment information.

Creative Toddling

Ages 3-4, Ages 4-5

C​reative Toddling merges the popular fairy tales and stories that we all know and adore with the performing arts to promote arts education on a level that children can truly associate with and enjoy. With Creative Toddling, children are led in arts based activities associated with popular children’s stories. Throughout the session children will enjoy a dance activity, a drama activity, a vocal activity and a visual arts activity based on these popular stories which will culminate in a mini- performance at the end of the session.

Please note:  The price is $250 for this special 8-week class.

Session #4 Classes:

Saturday at 10 AM Ages 3-4

Saturday at 11:15 AM Ages 4-5

Drama Workshop

Ages 6-8, Ages 9-11, Ages 12-15

Step into the role of a lifetime and learn the secrets of the Dramatic Arts! Using traditional and modern acting techniques, we will explore the dynamics of drama through the use of scene work. Your teaching artist will assign scenes from both contemporary and classical theatrical plays/musicals as you learn to expand your talents through the help of others. This class inspires strong teamwork, observation, and creativity.

Session #4 Classes:

Sunday 4:30 PM Ages 12-15

Monday 5:45 PM Ages 6-8

Wednesday 5:45 PM Ages 9-11

Thursday 5:45 PM Ages 9-11

Friday 5:45 PM Ages 12-15

Music Theater Dance

Ages 6-8, Ages 9-11, Ages 12-15

Learn the core techniques and movements of the musical theatre world.  Students will learn styles of dance from 50s to Fosse and Charleston to Jazz, while increasing coordination and the ability to learn and retain choreography.  Bring your thinking cap and your personality, it will be on display in this class.

Session #4 Classes

Sunday 2 PM Ages 9-11

Sunday 3:15 PM Ages 12-15

Tuesday 5:45 PM Ages 6-8


Ages 9-11, Ages 12-15

This tap class will concentrate mainly on Broadway-style tap with a slight focus on hoofing or rhythm tap. Tap Class will be comprised of a brief warm-up at the top of class, followed by technique, and ending with a short, fun and entertaining combination. These combinations will be built upon week by week to create a full tap piece within a couple months. Students can expect to learn how to dance, as well as how to become percussive musicians in this rhythm-based course. Throughout the course, students will learn routines from famous Broadway shows including, but not limited to: 42nd Street, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Anything Goes, and Stomp.

Session #4 Classes:

Sunday 4:30 PM Ages 12-15

Saturday 12:30 PM Ages 6-8 

Saturday 1:45 PM Ages 9-11

Vocal Workshop

Ages 6-10, Ages 11-15

Singing your favorite songs around the house is one thing, but preparing your voice for performance is a whole different ballgame. Learning the correct forms of singing can be challenging yet rewarding when you have the professional instruction of someone who has mastered the art. So open your mind and ears to the professional instruction of our talented staff as we teach you the proper ways of breathing, phonation and articulation, and projecting your voice all the way to Music Hall!

Session #4 Classes:

Monday 4:30 PM Ages 6-8

Tuesday 4:30 PM Ages 6-8

Wednesday 4:30 PM Ages 9-11

Thursday 4:30 PM Ages 9-11

Friday 4:30 PM Ages 12-15

Two Class Bundle Discount

All Ages

​Book two classes and save money. **Please specify which classes, dates and times you wish to register for when asked in the registration form.

Three Class Bundle Discount

All Ages

Book three classes and save money. **Please specify which classes, dates and times you wish to register for when asked in the registration form.

Four Class Bundle Discount

All Ages

Book four classes and save money. **Please specify which classes, dates and times you wish to register for when asked in the registration form.

About Learning the Craft

Learning the Craft offers arts training to children in a variety of formats. The primary objective for these arts integrated classes is to provide students with the tools necessary to become successful adults.

Whether the students continue in an arts field or choose a different career path, the skills they develop in these programs can be leveraged and will last a lifetime.

We hold our classes in 12-week or 8-week sessions throughout the year. The class schedule may change slightly with student

participation and/or teacher availability, but the session dates will not.

Classes typically cost $250 per 12-week session and $175 per 8-week session. 

Maximum class capacity-15 students. Each class must have a minimum of 5 students or the class may be canceled for that session.

Please refrain from bringing gum, food, or drinks to class.

Private Lessons

Ages 6-18

We offer private lessons with our highly experienced teachers for one-on-one training.  You can schedule private lessons one at a time for $65 or get 4 lessons for $240.  To schedule a private lesson, please email Jay Goodlett or call 513.569.8080 x25.

Cost and Payment Information

  • Tuition encompasses a 12-week or 8-week session.  Individual classes cannot be purchased.
  • Students without payment will not be allowed to participate.
  • Session fee will not be prorated or refunded for absences
  • Makeup class vouchers will be given at the discretion of the instructor

If you have any questions about payment please contact Jay Goodlett at Jay Goodlett or 513.569.8080 ext. 25.

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Chris Stewart teachers a Drama Workshop.