MainStage School Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures


Theater Location

All MainStage performances take place at the Taft Theatre at 5th and Sycamore Streets in Downtown Cincinnati.

Adjusting Your School Order Additions, Cancellations & Alterations

Seats can be added to your school order at any time (subject to availability), however, Pam Young must know prior to your arrival at the Taft Theatre.

We will never cancel or alter the total reserved seats on your order without receiving a change in writing.

Decreasing to existing orders MUST be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to a production and a written confirmation forwarded to you or by our office to confirm the change was received. If you do not receive a written confirmation from us before your scheduled performance, please contact Pam Young at 513.569.8080 x13.


Reservation cancellations must be submitted 60 day prior to your scheduled performance date.

Refunds are not possible for absences or unused seats. You will be responsible for your final number of reserved seats.


We recommend a minimum of one adult for every 15 students. Adult/Teacher ticket prices are the same as student ticket prices at our school matinees. Schools will receive one free adult admission for every 15 students.

Homeschool Performances

Performances on Mondays at 1 PM are designated for homeschooling families.

Preschool Children

Infants and children age 3 and younger are only permitted at our designated home school performances on Mondays at 1 PM. Please advise parent chaperones to make alternate arrangements for their younger children.

Special seating needs

Last-minute seating accommodations are not always possible. Please notify us early to ensure your needs are met.

Wheelchair/Special Needs Accessible Seating

Please indicate the number of wheelchair and/or special needs accessible seats you need on the order form. Accessible seating is limited and cannot be guaranteed unless reserved in writing.

My group will have at least one student that requires handicap accessible seating. Will our entire group be seated on the floor together to accommodate this need?

We will always assign students and adult patrons with special needs seating on the orchestra floor allowing for a care-giver or other student to be seated with them if they are age appropriate. For groups including more than one patron with multiple disabilities, they will be seated on the floor but may be separated into various accessible seating. Special needs seating is distributed throughout the theater and not located in just one section.

* Requiring special needs seating for select students does not guarantee orchestra floor seating for your entire group.

We have autistic students in our group for our upcoming field trip. How does the Children’s Theatre assign seating for patrons with autism?

We make every effort to seat groups including autistic patrons near exits for easy access to the surrounding hallways and the lobby if an individual become restless. Feel free to use the nearest exit to wait in one of the hallways or the lobby of the theater until the show has concluded.

Hearing-Impaired Students

Performances on Mondays at 1 PM are signed for hearing-impaired students. If your group cannot attend this performance and requires an interpreter, then your school may provide one for you. Please notify us in advance so that we may arrange appropriate seating for your group and the interpreter.

Free Curriculum-Based Study Guides Easy to Download From Our Website

We have been focusing on improving our Study Guides and making them better resources for you and your students and to enhance the theatrical experience.  Click here for details.

Study Guide Page

Tickets and Seat Assignment

No paper tickets will be issued for school performances. Seating selection for groups will be based on the date orders are received. Groups will be seated within their designated seating area based on order of arrival to the theater. Upon arrival, our staff of volunteer ushers will show your group to their seats predetermined by our seating chart.

Information for chaperones

  • Always accompany children to the restroom.
  • Keep students in a single file line.
  • Fill all seats in your row.
  • If you need to rearrange your seats, please do so after your entire group has been
  • seated.


In the event that hazardous weather or other inclement conditions dictate closure, the decision to cancel our performance will be made at least two hours prior to show time. 

TCT closure information will be posted on the front page of our website, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as provided to the media.