Maya Angelou: A Writer’s Legacy

Through May 31, 2018

​Maya Angelou experienced a life that most of us could hardly imagine and her impact on society was immeasurable. The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is proud to bring you a world premiere biographical sketch of the iconic Maya Angelou. Her talents as an actress, dancer, songwriter and poet entertained and challenged us. While her life, filled with heartache, political activism and humanitarian service taught us to value each other as beautiful, intelligent, works of art.

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Adapted by Mary Tensing.

Thematic Connections

Ancestry, Art, Arts Integration, Biography, Civics/Politics, Courage, Courage and Honor, Critical Thinking, Cross-Curricular, Cultures, Dedication, Diversity, Exploring Differences in Others, Exploring Differences Within, Fairness, Freedom, Government, Growth and Change, History, Imagination, Kindness, Multi-Cultural, Poetry, Self-Esteem, Strength of Character, Women's HIstory


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12